Tools I use, like, and appreciate.


Ultrawide Monitor

Finally being able to have 2 windows open side-by-side with no compromises has been a great benefit to my productivity. Previously, even with fairly large 16:10 monitors, I found that the windows were just a little too narrow when side-by-side. I usually have my IDE taking up 60% of the width, and my terminal or browser taking up the other 40%.

Ergodox EZ

A fully programmable keyboard helps me type faster, with less wrist strain. I’ve spent a lot of time modifying my layout to make it optimal for programming. The gains by having navigation (arrow keys, pgup, pgdown, home, end) within reach without moving any further than you would for letter keys is huge; I think it’s hard to understand that without typing on a keyboard that allows it.

Sit/Stand Desk

At home I have simple IKEA sit/stand desk. I got the largest desk top possible with it, so everything goes up and down at the same time. They have motorized units, but I felt that the hand crank unit would last longer, so I went with that. My posture has improved quite a bit after the


Windows Subsystem for Linux

I use Windows by choice at home, mostly due to gaming, but I have to use it at work. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) make developing in Windows so much more pleasant. I can run all of my build tools like I would if I were on a full blown Linux machine. VS Code is able to reach inside the WSL filesystem and edit projects that “live” there easily. Now that WSL2 is out and docker is supported, there are no more cases where I have to go back to PowerShell.